Flight Trak

Flight Trak's FT Scheduler scheduling and dispatching software application is designed specifically for the demands of busy flight departments. Our software is written from the perspective of dispatchers and schedulers, thus resulting in a powerful, intuitive tool. FT Scheduler is astonishingly easy to use and enables rapid completion of tasks using just one screen with logically organized notebook tabs. Aside from generating passenger itineraries and pilot trip sheets, FT Scheduler also provides comprehensive reports. Additionally, it can be configured to match your flight department's procedures.

FT Scheduler is a powerful system yet requires minimal training and computer skills to operate. FT Scheduler is a modular system, so that you may purchase the system features that you need or in future purchase additional features as your department grows or your budget allows. Additional Modules include FT Web Calendar and Crew Management Module. FT Web Calendar is a web-based calendar that allows both pilots as well as non-aviation personnel to see the company aircraft schedule. The Crew Management Module allows you to track crewmember currency, takeoffs, landings, approaches, and non-flight activities.

FT Web Scheduler is our newest product. It is a web-hosted version of our FT Scheduler program. FT Web Scheduler can be accessed from any computer that has internet access, and is running Microsoft Windows 2000 or greater, through any internet browser window. No software drivers are required to be installed on your computer to have access to the FT Web Scheduler system.

"This is a software program that we have found to be affordable and very satisfying in terms of support and capability. Data or record entry process is very straightforward and simple. Karen Martin is the creator of the program and offers full time support and goes well beyond all expectations with her support and concern towards our total satisfaction."

- Billy Witcher - Chief Pilot, 245 Pilot Services Company

“Flight Trak is a great, user-friendly program and the customer service is awesome!”

- Laura Blackwell - Corporate Flight Scheduler, Sanderson Farms, Inc.

"FT Web Scheduler is easy to use for even non-aviation oriented personnel. The great customer service, cost effectiveness and beneficial reports make this a great tool for small and large flight departments. Most of all, the Web-Hosted version is perfect for those on the road!"

- Brian Pruitt - Director of Aviation, PGA Tour

"The Flight Trak software was exactly what I was looking for to complete our monthly reports for our people downtown. It's very user friendly and I didn't need much instruction to get it going. The other pilots in our operation especially like the "Crew Flight Log" report for a quick reference of flight times for filling out insurance and flight training forms."

- Dan Kallay - Chief Pilot, Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co.

"FT Scheduler is the perfect program for our small flight department. We are able to track trips, expenses, duty times, and passenger information with ease. The Flight Trak staff is always helpful, and we would recommend this program for any size flight department."

- Wayne L. Sherman - Chief Pilot, FC Aviation, LLC

" We purchased FT Scheduler Lite from Flight Trak as part of our preparation for launching a new flight department. Employees and guests are impressed with the detailed passenger itineraries they receive. Trip records for accounting are generated effortlessly and can be modified, if needed, by the excellent software support staff at Flight Trak. This software is very easy to use and presents a professional image for our flight department to everyone we interact with. Flight Trak understands that service to the customer is paramount in sustaining a flight department; they deliver and support a quality product that is attractively priced and designed to maximize administrative efficiency."

- David Landsverk - Chief Pilot, Mueller Aero, Inc.

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